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Legacy of Life

Legacy of Life™It is not for you…it’s for them!You are about to embark on a rewarding and thoughtful journey….that will result in a priceless legacy gift that will be viewed and enjoyed for a long, long time to come.The Legacy of Life production tells a very personal story, combining two emotionally powerful media - photographs and sound – into a third evocative medium, a Legacy of Life production. The result, on a archival high quality DVD, will not only celebrate your life and love, but will be a true and enduring portrait of who you are. Moreover, you are the creator of this special Legacy of Life, the story teller or author, producer and director. It is my job to take the photos and documents you chose, the music you chose, the mood you want to create, and the story your want to tell and weave it together in to a professional Legacy of Life production that will realize your vision into a treasure that will be shared by your loved ones for generations to come, thereby creating a true heirloom. Your Legacy of Life production is not a mere static show of still images, but it features your familiar voice, current video introduction and salutation. All still photos will have animation and transitions as you select. The music you select will be play in the background of the entire Legacy of Life production.I use state-of-the-art technology to capture your photos, video interview, and even souvenirs and artifacts. I then edit them into a riveting visual presentation known as Legacy of Life, packaged in a keepsake edition that will be enjoyed and cherished for eternity.Each Legacy of Life production is unique and usually lasts approx 30 minutes, and contains between 50 to 100 photographic images, 1 to 10 pieces of music, and a number of titles and/or captions. Typically, the structure of a Legacy of Life production is as follows:I take a professional portrait of you. This portrait maybe formal or casual in a setting you feel most comfortable in. This portrait is usually used as the title for the production, with music (usually the instrumental lead-in from the first piece of music)We produce a 10 minute welcome video message of you. Any subject, format or setting is possible. One to five “chapters” each covering a different theme or period of time, consisting of a chapter title, 20-25 photographic images, and a piece of music. Captions are included for each photograph. Each photograph will have special effects and transitions to further enhance the visual impact of your production.We produce a 3-5 minute salutation video message of you. This is where you impart your salutations to friend and loved ones.End credits.All of this is amalgamated into an archival, high quality DVD “movie” production. The Legacy of Life production can be tailored to be viewed on television, computers or other electronic media.Remember that each Legacy of Life production is unique and you are the author, producer and director of this very special production. Any variation or “out-of-the-box” ideas can be written into your production. This is YOUR Legacy of Life and must depict your personality as you tell your life story.Due to the very personal and private nature of your production, I pledge never to discuss, reveal, display, show, or paraphrase your Legacy of Life in whole or in-part to any person without your explicit written permission. Before we even begin your production I sign a confidentially statement as further evidence of my strict obligation to you in this matter.The value of your Legacy of Life production to your friends and family will be priceless and never ending. The piece of mind that you attain after completing your Legacy of Life production should not be understated ! You are documenting history for the generations to come! Producing such a professional and high quality production requires much forethought, preparation and dedication. That is why I work closely with you every step of the way.The cost of your Legacy of Life production is $325. This price covers all aspects of your production as described above and includes one Master Legacy of Life DVD. The Master Legacy of Life DVD is usually stored and secured with your important papers or valuables such as in a personal safe or safe deposit box. Many people sometimes refer to the Legacy of Life production as a virtual will and for the most part it is; however, it does not replace or supersede your written Last Will and Testament. Please consult your attorney for more information concerning this topic.Please contact me anytime with any questions or concerns you might have concerning the Legacy of Life production process.